Beuys (African grey Parrot) Art Project, 2013-present

Joseph Beuys is the name of a famous German artist who lived between 1921-1986.
On August 29, 2013, one African grey parrot was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Her name is "Beuys."
"Beuys" is the name of the art pioneer of 20 century and the name of a parrot.

Beuys (African grey parrot): a collaborative Time-Based media project

Since 2013, Wantanee has embarked on an ambitious project with an African grey parrot named "Beuys." This project profoundly explores life's philosophy and political issues through art, utilizing time and activities as essential research tools. Wantanee focuses on her unique partnership with Beuys, transcending conventional boundaries and delving into the intricate connection between nature and political decision-making. Rather than merely drawing inspiration from Joseph Beuys' art projects, Wantanee actively employs them as a medium to shape her creative vision and approach.

Their meticulously designed activities are a dynamic platform for playful interactions with Beuys, the parrot. Wantanee goes a step further by teaching Beuys to utter the significant phrase, "Everyone is an artist," prompting viewers to reflect upon the core aspects of communication and connection. Through these interactions, Wantanee and Beuys create an immersive experience that challenges traditional notions and expands the understanding of art itself.

However, starting in 2018, Wantanee and Beuys have ventured into co-creating works that transcend the confines of human perspective. Their collaboration takes on a new dimension, questioning societal structures, provoking introspection about human-animal relationships, and emphasizing the delicate nature of life, for instance, in "And Yet the Earth is Moved (Unique Pieces)" and "People Say Nothing is Impossible, but Beuys Does Nothing Every Day.", This transformative journey is no longer solely derived from Joseph Beuys' works but instead emerges from the profound observation and learning between Wantanee and Beuys the parrot.

Their partnership becomes an imaginative exploration, intertwining art, nature, and animal intelligence. Their collective expression inspires audiences to reconsider their place within the vast tapestry of existence. The collaboration between Wantanee and Beuys represents an extraordinary exploration of art, nature, and animal consciousness, amplifying the significance of their work and its potential to reshape perspectives.