Wantanocchiobot'09, 2009

Wantanocchiobot’09, a mix of robot and Pinocchio with Western clothes and Thai theatrical crown, interacts with viewers fairly directly as she sits elegantly before audience showing the long nose when the audience turn around.   A prototype of this figure is Wantanocchio’08 (2008), a miniature model of the artist with a long nose in a Thai dress. The sculpture was made of relatively valuable materials with the use of texts from the Internet.   The interplays between the tradition and the contemporary constitute the core of Siripattananuntakul’s artistic forms.

These projects have been conceptualized from the inclination among Asian Contemporary Art in which many artists seem to overwhelm with the idea of national identity and shared discourse on the role of “Western” Culture in the formation of Asian societal structures.   In this way the audience have to find answers to questions about the meaning and purpose of the art works.