The Price of Inequality, 2015

The Price of inequality is emphasizes the interpretation of core issues that reveals topics about 'Art Economic and Social points’.   The work of Art focuses on the overwhelming fragile circumstance that both endangers to the world and effects to life conditions.   Cockroaches as objects present their skins with layer of banknote, running around models of landmarks and little houses, made by paper.

Lastly,"The Price of inequality " endeavors the respond by raising tangible questions and awakes audiences, having an awareness and discovering the direction of concentrate on fading social complexities. This project focused on the overwhelming fragile circumstances that both endanger the world and affect conditions and quality of life.

At the same time, money is not only the medium of exchange that facilitates trade in goods and services, it also acts as a veil to cover the power of social determinism behind consumerism and aesthetic values.