Songs without lyrics, 2014-2016

Political believe, ideology, they have been often used together in many different political contexts and cultures as a way to reach a targeted audience in order to deliver a specific political message. Music is one of propaganda tools that always is used to compel people to do someone's will. It is because music create an easily recognizable and memorable method of delivery for the desired message. Nowadays the propaganda songs are opened everyday but disappointingly some people not consider that it is threatening. For them it is just the communication between the government to citizens.

In this project, I present three video installations on large screens: “III” (2014) , “She sings a voiceless song” (2015) , and “The Conductor” (2016) . The moving images of people from three social classes are represented: manual laborers, the middle-class, and elites. The first clip features a male farmer searching for something; the second, a middle-class female hoping to survive despite a lonely fight; and the third, a man posing with a commanding gesture and corresponding attire. Three differ- ent actions are portrayed: searching, struggling, and ordering under dark light. These portrayals are accompanied by three different songs. Each tune relates to a different social status in accordance with the changing chapters of Thai history.