Wantanee's one man show, 2006

In my works, I argue with the problems, which I see in today's art Society. Ironically, by the contemporary art I will state my art to the present art context. For me I think in postmodernism time, many artists want to show themselves, but they have hardly any artistic ideas to offer. They not only require but try to make the attention for many of its information, e.g. catalog, Website, and interview with well-known magazines. From this idea I saw the opportunistic cultured swells, which is unconditionally subjected to art dialecticians. Nevertheless I believe, which like the viewpoints of non-artist of its past can consider to learn art at this time to analyze.

At the same time I modified the meaning of my name, which is Wantanee Siripattananuntakoon to my artist name Wantanee Siripattananuntakul. Actually Thai names of Thai people can be translated to English names in different forms of writing, even though they have the same meaning. For me, it is not only play with the names as a sign of language, but I would like to stress the title part of the artist name in the art context. The acceptance of an artist name gives me an entire artistic identity, so that I make everything become art. Additionally, the artist name is important for the possible increase in value of the art object, another reason why an artist would like to become well-known.