Everyone is..., 2016

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"From the human-centered point, Man believes that he is the most significant entity of the universe. He thinks as he is a hunter, controlling over other things and nature. Does man really have the power? Or it is just the false consciousness.

Like other parrot owners, I really want my African grey parrot, named Beuys to say what I want her to do. But Beuys has her own freedom. Under the rules, she is still the political being that I can say what she thinks and creates her own sentences by rearranging everyday words. Somebody said that "Everyone is a contemporary artist". This is a sentence that I train her to say. Unfortunately, it becomes new sentences and of course with other meanings. Therefore, I realise the absolute freedom of the being, it does not depend on the ability to act or not to act but it is the ability to say the unsayable. "