Beuys (African grey Parrot) Art Project, 2013-present

"Beuys" is the name of German famous artist who lived between 1921-1986.
In Bangkok, Thailand on August 29, 2013, one African grey parrot was born. Her name is "Beuys".
"Beuys" is not only the name of the art pioneer of 20 century but also the name of a parrot.

Beuys (African grey parrot): a collaborative Time-Based media project

Since September 2013, I have started working with “Beuys” (African Grey Parrot). Time and activities are the basis research tools for the project.

At the beginning, there are 3 rules which someone who live with parrots should know: supporting them play hard, giving them eat best and letting them sleep tight. Especially they need the security of a trusting relationship with their humans. Therefore, creating a deep and lasting bond with Grey, time is very important. However, in this project, I don't want just only to create the new relationship between me and Beuys, but I also would like to learn about 'social life' by observing and participating.

In 2013-2018, I have proposed a variety of activities to play with “Beuys” by referring to “Beuys' art projects”. For instant I put the song “Sonne statt Reagan” on the play for her, I give her toys; small rabbit dolls and teach her to speak some sentences, "everyone is an artist", etc. Anyway she is not a robot. I can feed her, touch her tiny head, and play with her but I cannot force her to do what I want, while she does not want. On the contrary she tends to train me to do her bidding because she can think and has her own mind! All the activities are recorded in both moving images and photos.

However, between this year, 2018, Beuys and I have developed the ideas and we have create the works together which are not relevent with Joseph Beuys such as And Yet the Earth is Moved (Unique Pieces), or People say nothing is impossible, but Beuys do nothing every day, etc. The works itself try to bring the audience to another level to find the answer "what the life is" which is not only for human being aspect but also try to show the another being perspective.
For me, this is the most interesting thing to work with Beuys. What will happen soon? It will be absolutely the open-end project that nobody knows. Beuys and me will work together to find the new sensory experience and finish this project.